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Drake doesn’t need your approval of a new Aaliyah posthumous album. He has the blessings of the fam, her former management and her label so the rumored project is a GO!

In an interview with Much Music conducted backstage at the OVO Fest this weekend, Drake confirmed that he is working on an Aaliyah album with his producer Noah ’40′ Shebib, the project will be released this year and he’s hoping to get everyone that was essential to her career involved (including Missy and Tim).

People should be excited [about the new single]. It’s all off of an Aaliyah project that me and 40 are commanding and 40 is just doing some incredible incredible music right now. To get 13-14 new Aaliyah songs …. everybody should be excited.

It’s not about me, and it’s not about 40, it’s really about her and her fans…and us just getting an opportunity to give you something that we feel is great. And you know, the people around her, everybody from her family to her old management and label, were just like, ‘If there’s anybody out who can do it right now, it’s you and 40.‘ And it was an honor to pull in some classic people, like anybody who used to work with Aaliyah that was essential in her career, we hope to have them involved. So it’s great to have a new Aaliyah album this year on top of everything.

Just a few days ago, her brother updated Aaliyah’s official facebook (which has 1.6 million fans) with a message that said that there would not be an Aaliyah album released supported by the family. Now that Drake has confirmed his involvement, there’s some huge mystery of whether her brother is running her page or if there is someone else running it and copying and pasting old tweets from his twitter page.

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The nominations for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are in! And Drake is nominated for five awards. Congrats Drake!

The award show will air on Thursday, September 6th in Los Angeles at 8pm EST. Make sure you go to vote for Drake everyday.

Drake’s five nominations:
Best Hip-Hop Video (HYFR feat. Lil Wayne) Vote!
Best Male Video (Take Care feat. Rihanna) Vote!
Best Art Direction (Take Care feat. Rihanna)
Best Cinematography (Take Care feat. Rihanna)
Video Of The Year (Take Care feat. Rihanna) Vote!

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When you picture how Drake is spending his summer, you’re probably thinking of partying in VIP rooms with famous friends and sipping champagne on a tour bus. Turns out the truth is a lot less glamorous.

“I’m actually spending my summer graduating high school,” admits the rapper on a too-rare visit back home. “That’s my main focus after OVO Fest. I only have one credit left, and I’m really excited about that.”

It’s a particularly Canadian answer from a performer who’s somehow managed to turn all the nice and boring bits of our identity into a wildly successful hip-hop brand. Rival rappers can’t even successfully diss him for being soft, because he’s never bothered pretending to be hard. And as exciting as this city can be, we still tend to fear that we seem provincial compared to places like New York or London.

“As close as we are to New York, it still feels far removed. We feel far removed from that American celebrity lifestyle, and from that kind of success.”

But Drake isn’t so removed from that culture any more, although you get the sense sometimes he wishes he were. His people have made it very clear that we are not to ask any questions about Chris Brown and the club brawl in which he may or may not have been involved. Up until the very last minute it seemed pretty likely that the interview wouldn’t even happen.

On the phone, though, Drake’s high-wattage charm melts away all resentment of the seemingly endless hoops you have to jump through to get access to the superstar. How can you stay mad at someone who was late because of his great-aunt’s funeral?

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The numbers are in and Drake’s Club Paradise Tour has grossed $42.6 million worldwide putting him above the likes of The Throne (KanYe West & Jay-Z) and Madonna and right below Lady Gaga. This puts Drake at the number seven spot on the top 50 worldwide tours of 2012 so far! The three legs of the Club Paradise tour featured such artists as A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, 2Chainz, French Montana, Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, Rita Ora, Labrinth, J.Cole, and Chase N. Cashe. Shouts to everyone who bought a ticket to Club Paradise as it was definitely one for the books and Drake has the numbers to prove it.

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On Wednesday, Drake was spotted at Katsuya Sushi Restaurant in Hollywood. Surrounded by the OVO crew, Drake was snapped leaving the restaurant. A certain lyric comes to mind, “I love your sushi roll, hotter than wasabi..” Oh and that lyric from HYFR too.

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Drizzy Drake has a new paaaaad (Nicki Minaj voice) in Hidden Hills, California. Young Money’s prince is renting the 7500 square foot $9 million dollar mansion for $45,000 a month.

Hidden Hills bills itself as a gated equestrian oasis and has drawn celebrities including Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Denise Richards and Sinbad. It’s in the steamy hot San Fernando Valley and built virtually on top of the 101 Freeway. That’s not ocean waves you’re hearing; it’s traffic noise. Hence the relatively good real estate prices.

But as far as homes goes, this one is mighty pretty: waterfalls, pool with a grotto, soaring ceilings with arched wood beams, a hot tub with adjacent fireplace, a built-in library, game room, wine cellar, and a home theater that’s just missing the popcorn. We found an old picture of the property, known as the Old Lion Manor, in which there is a mechanical bull in a sandpit. Boys, that’s how real men settle their differences.

Nice pad Drizzy.

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Sorry guys, its been a while since I’ve updated. The website was hacked and had to be recovered. But I’m back now! So in-case you’ve missed it, here’s a music video of Meek Mill feat. Drake – ‘Amen’.