Should we end war on drugs?

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War The war on drug has been a pathetic waste of an investment. The world over has spent trillions in a losing battle over close to a century. This money would’ve moved mountains had it been expended in others. It’s a shame that we are still investing and betting on this method of combating drugs. The reasons why we should stop this are too numerous to have the authorities continuously run down an endless road.

Money invested in combating drug trafficking can be better spent. This is true especially for developing countries like Mexico where many still lack access to potable water, electricity and education. It seems a total waste and in truth is a mismanagement of revenue.

The war on drugs has had a high death toll. Too often are violent deaths involved in the mixture. In the Philippines, in 2 months alone 2441 people were killed in the anti drug war this year. In many other states too many innocent are caught in the crossfire between police and drug dealers.

DrugsYou may think criminalizing drugs will have a positive impact on the addiction rates. In fact, quite the opposite, in Portugal decriminalized drugs 14 years ago and the results are stunning. Addiction plummeted in the country, and now hardly anyone uses drugs.

Criminalizing drugs makes criminals of the poor. Criminalizing drugs skyrocketed prices and this caused the poor to try to use it as a way out of poverty. This has led to the poor spending thousands of man hours in prison just because they are trying to climb up a food chain in which they are constantly cannibalized by the rich.

Criminalizing drugs pushes it underground. This makes users consume drugs in often unsafe environment. It also makes it easier for hard criminals to control and regulate the drug economy. They are in control of supply of the drug and often make addicts “bend over backward” for drugs e.g. become part of gangs and traffic drugs.

These are all very valid reasons to stop this leech from sucking on the national budget. The drug situation would’ve been much better if drugs were decriminalized. This way the government and the people would gain rather than lose from the activity.

This is just my opinion. Whats yours?



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