Things I Hate About The Winter

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Winter is that time when the outside is coated in the beautiful white carpet of snow. The imperfections, little or big, are hidden under the icy crystals that populate the epidermis of every object outdoor. We can all agree that the winter sometimes bring beauty and happiness to us. Happiness is negated by the numerous challenges that winter bring along with it. Here are a few:

Clearing snow

It’s all nice and well having snow covering the minor imperfections in your surroundings. Snow removal becomes tedious when you constantly have to clear your walkway and driveway or maybe I’m too lazy to ‘snow suit up’ and clear my pathways.

Shut in

Winter is very likely to bring its best friends: hail and snowstorms with it. When these conditions are ongoing, a shut-in becomes very likely. I hate confinement, my stomach growls, my claustrophobia kicks in, I get nervous and anxious.

Dress Disaster

I never seem to know what to wear during the winter. My attire is always a mess. It’s not only my attire and wardrobe in a state of confusion but also my room. During the winter, it’s a scarf here a sweater there and socks and mitts everywhere.

Where do I sit?

Choosing a place to sit becomes a chore in the winter. Maybe I should take a few cues from Sheldon Cooper and select a ‘spot, in my house. Sitting on something that’s metal or ceramic can be very uncomfortable over a period of time; they can lead to frozen derriere.

Getting out of bed

And last but not least, getting out of bed is a monstrous task. Being in bed all warm and cosy is all good but everything changes when you rise to your feet only to be hit with the chill of the winter breeze sending you into an instant state of headache. This is by far the worst part of my winters.

That’s quite a lot to hate. Regardless of all of this, I still look forward to it every year. Amidst all of this, there are hundreds of winter activities and sights that bring a smile to my face and the faces of many. Just make sure you make it through the waking up part happily.


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