Things I Hate About The Winter

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Winter is that time when the outside is coated in the beautiful white carpet of snow. The imperfections, little or big, are hidden under the icy crystals that populate the epidermis of every object outdoor. We can all agree that the winter sometimes bring beauty and happiness to us. Happiness is negated by the numerous […]


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Should we end war on drugs?

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The war on drug has been a pathetic waste of an investment. The world over has spent trillions in a losing battle over close to a century. This money would’ve moved mountains had it been expended in others. It’s a shame that we are still investing and betting on this method of combating drugs. The […]


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Yo-Yo-Yo Homie’s

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This is my first post…. If you came here because you are a Drake fan, Music fan, People fan…. you are in the right spot my friend. I will not try to blow your mind, but I will try to speak mine. Hate me, or love me, makes no difference. I’m just another guy writing […]