Drake on BET Awards

Posted on June 30, 2009 • 4 Comments

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  • mn.nita


    man what was up with the little kids……. on the real they dont even look old enough to drive let along be on the stage when yall singing every girl.

  • Blutiful


    Ok, I love Weezy’s music but these are wack songs for real, just a waste of time. I hope he’ll bring the heat back.

  • Drake Online | Aubrey Graham | Your Source for Everything Drake! » BET to Lil Wayne and Drake: “We were not pleased with your performance”


    […] Lil Wayne’s performance so that it will not air on the re-run’s of the award show. ( view video here […]

  • Brittani


    alriiight alriight okay luv all the performers nd all but damn those girls look tooo damn young to be up on stage with that song,, i would understand if it was for like another song that was more appropriate cuz it would be fun for the girls but wen u rappin about wishin u could **** evry girl in the world u shudnt have no 14 yr olds on the stage of however old they is. the overall performance was gud but the girls were a little tooo young.

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