Drake Reacts to Lil Wayne’s Jail Sentence

Posted on October 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

“He’s kinda more concerned about getting as much music as he possibly can, so that when he’s in there, people are still satisfied musically with Lil Wayne product. That’s just the mind of a true businessman. I’ll just do what I can to keep the whole Young Money/ Cash Money team going. I just want to play my part as a team member and keep the brand strong until the boss gets home.”

Rapper Drake, speaking to RapUp.com about Lil Wayne’s impending stay in jail. Drake, who signed to Weezy’s Young Money label over the summer, talked to the hip-hop Web site about what will become of the Young Money crew while Wayne is incarcerated. Wayne’s commitment to churning out product has already begun, as he unveils the new No Ceilings mixtape this weekend. The tape will contain even more tracks than the version that leaked earlier this week, and it seems like Wayne will be banking as much music as possible between now and when he gets locked up. In the meantime, he still has his rock-oriented Rebirth album on the release docket, as well as a Young Money crew album.

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  • Jules


    That’s good that he has a confidant like you to stick it out and keep things running. Way to step up.

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