Drake Documentary: Drake’s Bubbie (Deleted Scene)

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Drake visits his grandmother in an exclusive “Better Than Good Enough” outtake. Photographer Jonathan Mannion recalls Drake telling his grandmother that he had become a millionaire. MTV Reports:

After Drake inked his record deal with the Universal Motown family (in partnership with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label), the Toronto lyricist visited his grandmother to share the good news.

Photographer Jonathan Mannion was present, shooting images of the pair, and recalled the moment Drake and his grandmother had, which he explains in this exclusive outtake from the MTV documentary “Drake: Better Than Good Enough.”

“We went to visit his grandmother in a nursing home,” Mannion says. “It was really a conversation between them and they were talking about how they used to do crossword puzzles and learn words together. That kind of stuff. And she was like, ‘It’s really paying off now.’ ”

Mannion described his favorite shot from the visit, which depicts an exchange of affection between the two; he said the image hit home for him how rooted in family the So Far Gone star really was. [Read more →]


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A 20-something rap phenom with an eye for the finer things, Drake is finding that when it comes to the ladies, not all of them share his Champagne taste. In an exclusive outtake from the documentary “Drake: Better Than Good Enough,” the Young Money MC visits New Orleans radio station Q 93.3, where he spits a freestyle, going in about everything from finances to females.

“Why has every woman never dined here before?/ Am I the only 23-year-old wine connoisseur?” Drizzy wonders, as the room erupts with rowdy howls co-signing the hip-hop star’s rhyming skills.

The full-length doc depicts the months before Drake dropped his hotly anticipated debut, Thank Me Later. But the freestyle sequence showcases one of the qualities that has made Drake a breakout star: his charismatic, hyper-informed flow. The outtake also captures the heightened buzz that preceded his first major-label offering, as the radio DJ coaxes the star into giving “a preview” of the kinds of bars to come on Later. [Read more →]


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A scene that didn’t quite make Drake’s Better Than Good Enough Documentary which aired last night on MTV was the Alicia Keys-featured “Fireworks,” the opening song to Thank Me Later. Watch as the collaboration comes to life.


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Part 1: Is Drake The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Hip-Hop?

In case you missed it, MTV posted the entire hour-long documentary (the rest is after the jump) on Drake titled “Better Than Good Enough”. Thank Me Later is in stores now. Enjoy, and leave thoughts in the comments. [Read more →]


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All MCs have their own writing process. Drake’s incorporates a device many people use for work, nonsense or both: a Blackberry.

Drizzy opens about his artistic process in the new MTV documentary, “Drake: Better Than Good Enough” which airs June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The Young Money phenom, who rose to fame from the strength of his highly popular online mixtapes, doesn’t mess with a pen and paper when it comes to jotting down his lyrics, and reaches for a smartphone instead.

In this clip from the upcoming doc, Drizzy bops to the track Kanye West produced for “Show Me a Good Time” and then picks up a Blackberry and starts punching out some rhymes.

“All Drake’s raps for eternity have been written inside of a Blackberry,” producer and engineer Noah “40″ Shebib says in the clip. “I mean, to the point where if he doesn’t have a Blackberry, we gotta go get somebody who’s got one. I’ve had dummy Blackberrys around that I just pull out for him to write on, like if he needs one … that don’t actually even work!”

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