Video: Drake’s “Better Than Good Enough” Documentary

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Posted on June 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Part 1: Is Drake The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Hip-Hop?

In case you missed it, MTV posted the entire hour-long documentary (the rest is after the jump) on Drake titled “Better Than Good Enough”. Thank Me Later is in stores now. Enjoy, and leave thoughts in the comments.

Part 2: Drake Just Wants People To Be Confident In His Abilities

Partt 3: Drake Puts The Finishing Touches On Thank Me Later

Part 4: Drake’s Biggest Fear Is Losing His Producer, Noah ‘40′ Shebib

Part 5: Drake’s Show At Governor’s Island Is Canceled

Part 6: Drake Believes He Gets ‘Everything Good In Life’ From His Mom

Pt 7: Drake Sells 446,680 Copies Of Thank Me Later In The First Week

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