♥ ‘I Plan To Work With Lil Wayne For The Rest Of My Career’

July 2nd

♥ ‘I Plan To Work With Lil Wayne For The Rest Of My Career’

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‘My loyalty lays with Wayne,’ heavily courted MC says.

Drake stayed down and stayed loyal: No more is he the hottest free agent in music, Drizzy’s recording contract is done! He has artistic freedom and big backing.

“To go independent is — like I said in a prior interview — it’s a funny term,” Drake told MTV News on Tuesday, addressing the deal that finds his albums being released on Wayne’s independent Young Money label (which is affiliated with Cash Money Records) and being distributed by the major Universal Republic. “Because it’s almost impossible to go fully independent. This was basically like the closest thing I could get to my own independence, to sort of continuing to be that guy to the fans that, you know, is trying to prove something — trying to prove that it can be done. So with that being said, I signed directly to Cortez Bryant and Gee Roberson, my two managers, and their company Inspire. It’s a joint venture with Young Money, so that’s the deal. I know there’s been a lot of stuff on the Internet about different entities, but that’s the people involved in the main record deal. And then it’s distributed through Universal, so it’s great, man. You know, if we can sell some records I think it could be a pretty legendary situation.”

Although Drake decided to stay with his managers (who also manage Lil Wayne), he said he loved the courting process.

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