Video: Drake is MTV’s #4 Hottest MC In The Game

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On October 24th, the 24 year old rapper was named the #4 Hottest MC in the game. Drake was initially #3 but the judges on the panel swapped his spot & Kanye West‘s which led him to be #4 and Kanye #3. Personally, I disagree; it’s all common sense. This list is based on who’s been the “hottest” in 2010. Despite Kanye‘s downfall, he’s been MIA for half of the year and has only been hot for the past 2 months (ie: Power, Good Fridays & Runaway). But with Drake, he has been able to maintain his buzz all year long with non-stop radio plays, top billboard charts, sold out shows (pre & post Thank Me Later), a platinum selling album, endorsements (Kodak, Sprite), features and much more. Last year MTV ranked Drake at #3. Does that mean he didn’t work as hard this year? Now, I’m not trying to be bias at the end of the day, based on who’s been the “hottest” this year, 2010 Drake > 2010 Kanye West. That is all. Agree or disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and, keep it real.

Edit: Drake should of been #1 or #2.

Drake was a staple on radio all year, whether it was “Bedrock” with Young Money, “Money to Blow” with Baby and Lil Wayne, “Forever” with Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, or any one of the songs from So Far Gone that stayed in rotation.

“He’s been on the radio all year,” RapFix editor Hillary Crosley said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “Like, I can’t get away from him. It’s impossible.”

“Different artists, they may have a hot regional presence or be hot on the East Coast or Down South around Atlanta or whatever,” added MTV News supervising producer Sean Lee, “but this dude — everywhere, man.”

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