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Nicki Minaj had a interview on MTV Rap Fix with Sway. Prior to this filming Drake had questions for Nicki to answer. Check out the interview video below as well as the article written by MTV.

Today, Nicki Minaj appeared on “RapFix Live” and answered questions you, the fans, tweeted to @MTVRapFix with the hashtag #hottestmcs and #rapfixlive and uploaded to Questions began rolling in last Friday as Barbies submitted queries to us—we see you JeanelleB and we love your video questions!—throughout the week for their chance to connect with the Nickster. Make sure you check out our photo gallery of Nicki on “RapFix Live” for more Barbie.
While we usually shoot “RapFix Live” with Sway live and direct here on RapFix and, we filmed this week’s show last night. But don’t worry, we’ll get back to our roots with a live show soon.

To celebrate her Hottest MCs in the Game rank and penchant for entertaining faces, we figured today would be a great opportunity to chat with Nicki Minaj and her multiple personalities, including Roman Zolanski and Barbie themselves. We admit … Roman might’ve scared Sway a bit when she appeared but the two ultimately got along fine. She even told us that her mother, Martha, would be appearing on Pink Friday, along with Slim Shady, er, Eminem. Yes, Nicki Minaj will be rapping alongside Detorit’s own Eminem! We’re excited too but not at all surprised.

“Most artists, they come out and they just want to rhyme, and that’s cool,” said Busta Rhymes, another “RapFix Live” guest, when describing Nicki’s talent. “But she’s not afraid to deliver as a character, so big up to Nicki Minaj as well.”

Following Sunday’s premiere of the “2010 Hottest MCs in the Game” on MTV2, Nicki said she’s been trying to absorb her position at #6 in the “elite club” of MCs. We salute you Nicki, you deserve it.


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Drake and Bun B started filming the music video for their new single “Put It Down”. The music video is being shot in Houston (Represent!) at Club Reign. Watch the video below.

Seen on the scene were Lil Flip, Several Texan’s players, Just Brittany, J. Prince and many many more.


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When Drake and Jay-Z collaborated on “Light Up,” the two traded matching rhymes about brushing off haters — Drizzy from the vantage point of an upstart MC and Hov as the veteran with a list of accomplishments longer than Lil Wayne’s hair.

Now that Drake has scored a #1 album and loads of endorsement deals, would he consider a sequel? Well, he told MTV News he would record another song with Jay-Z, but not that song in particular.

“I probably wouldn’t title it ‘Light Up 2,’ but there could definitely be potential for a record where me and Jay just spit about life,” Drake told MTV News. “I look forward to making that. I don’t think I’m ready to do it yet, though. If me and Jay do another record … I just want it to be a song. I don’t necessarily want it to be a life/time marker. I would love to do a song with Jay that hits radio. I’d love to do something that’s more musical, as opposed to all that rapping. And plus, I don’t feel like I’m in that veteran category. Like, now that I’m here six months later, after we did that song. Things happen pretty quick over here on this side, but I don’t necessarily want to reflect that in song.”

Maybe Drake can take Hov up on his offer soon for a verse. The Brooklyn icon told fans at Yankee Stadium last month that he owed Drake one after the Toronto star experienced a few technical snafus during the NYC Home and Home stop.

In the meantime, Drake is moving forward with his sophomore set. He recently recorded the second song for the collection, which again will feature production from Noah “40? Shebib.

“I did this song the other night; I’ve now completed the second song for my album,” he said. “So I only had one song before for the new album. Two nights ago, I did the second song. I’m loving it. I’m loving the sound. I’m excited again.”


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Drake attended Adrienne Bailon’s 27th birthday party in New York City. Many other artist were out at the event including Fabolous, DJ Clue, Mark Birnbaum, and others. Check out the photos below.


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Drake made‘s Top 49 Influential Men of 2010 list. Drake is featured on the list at number 28 on the list. Drake is along side other familiar artist such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and more.

In the midst of a nine-year acting stint on the high school drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, aspiring rapper Drake released a pair of mixtapes that resulted in “Replacement Girl” getting airtime on BET. That was 2007; this is now, and following two simultaneous top 10 hits (“Every Girl” and “Best I Ever Had”), Drake has taken the ever-fickle hip-hop world by storm with the release of his debut album, Thank Me Later, which sold a hip-hop record of almost 450,000 copies in the first seven days.

As a 2010 Grammy Awards performer and a recent partner in rap crime with industry bigwigs like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Eminem, Drake is rapping in the big leagues and embracing the title of this year’s most successful hip-hop underdog. Now, to go along with his new Light Dreams and Nightmares tour, and the production of his next album, Drake is entrenching himself in our collective cultural consciousness further with a video game role in the third edition of the best-selling Gears of War series. For all of his success, we’ll thank him… later. For now, let’s enjoy his music.


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Watch behind the scene footage of Drake and Rihanna on the set of Rihanna’s new single feat. Drake “What’s My Name?” Check out the photo of the two getting cozy on the set, they seem to be great friends. If you missed the download for this new track visit Rihanna feat. Drake – What’s My Name?


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‘I been rapping a lot lately,’ Drizzy says of taking a pause on It’s Never Enoug

Drake comments on his R&B mixtape coming soon, and also he has completed his second song for his new album.

Drake is hard at work on his forthcoming R&B-tinged mixtape, It’s Never Enough, but the Toronto lyricist is running into a problem when it comes to finishing the set.

“I been rapping a lot lately,” Drake told MTV News. “Me and 40 (Noah Shebib, his producer) have been doing some great rap music, so I sort of took a hiatus on the R&B for a second. It’s cool to do R&B, I love it, but it’s just hard for me to always commit to it. Because some nights, I get in there and 40′s beats, as melodic or R&B-driven as they may be, just have that right pocket that I just wanna spit.”

So far, Drake has released “I Get Lonely, Too,” the TLC tribute number he posted on his blog earlier this month. The song is an interpolation of the female group’s track “Fan Mail,” from their album of the same name. Drake sported a TLC T-shirt during his rehearsals for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

He plans to put out two more songs from the mixtape next month before releasing the complete collection.

During a break from recording material for the mixtape, Drake has turned his attention to his sophomore set.

“I did this song the other night; I’ve now completed the second song for my album,” he revealed. “So I only had one song before for the new album; two nights ago, I did the second song. I’m loving it. I’m loving the sound. I’m excited again.”

Source: MTV

Are you looking forward to hearing new tracks from Drake? Tell us in the comments below!


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Remember “Fall For Your Type”? Well that wasn’t the complete song, and Drake had said many times that he was doing tracks for other artist out there. We got that exclusive news on that track. Jamie Foxx was suppose to be on it. Now you get to listen to the FINAL version of Jamie Foxx featuring Drake “Fall For Your Type”.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download: Jamie Foxx Feat. Drake – Fall For Your Type


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Drake has hooked up with Kodak and to giveaway five Kodak Easyshare M590 cameras. The M590 is the world’s thinnest 5X optical zoom digital camera. It easily uploads to your favorite social networks, features HD picture and video capture and retails for $199.95. will be giving away five of the Easyshare M590 scavenger hunt style. In order to win the camera, fans will be given a list of 10 items that they must take a picture with and then send to [email protected] by Monday, November 1. Each photo is worth a specified point total; the five contestants who submit their pictures first and have accumulated the highest point total will win.
(Please refer to contest rules at the end of this article for clarification).

Items for Friday, October 29, 2010 are:
Picture of you and Drake (10 points)
Picture of We Are Young Money CD (2 points)

Today is the last day of the scavenger hunt. Fans looking to catch up can visit here for yesterday’s items. —XXL Staff

Contest Rules:
1. All submissions must be sent to [email protected] with “Kodak Contest” in the subject line.
2. The contestant must appear in every photo submitted to verify authenticity.
3. The contestant must submit all of their photos in one, single email along with their home address. Multiple email submissions will not be counted.
4. All submissions must be received by Monday, November 1, 2010.
5. At the end of the contest, the first five constants to send in their pictures and achieve the highest point totals will win.


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On October 24th, the 24 year old rapper was named the #4 Hottest MC in the game. Drake was initially #3 but the judges on the panel swapped his spot & Kanye West‘s which led him to be #4 and Kanye #3. Personally, I disagree; it’s all common sense. This list is based on who’s been the “hottest” in 2010. Despite Kanye‘s downfall, he’s been MIA for half of the year and has only been hot for the past 2 months (ie: Power, Good Fridays & Runaway). But with Drake, he has been able to maintain his buzz all year long with non-stop radio plays, top billboard charts, sold out shows (pre & post Thank Me Later), a platinum selling album, endorsements (Kodak, Sprite), features and much more. Last year MTV ranked Drake at #3. Does that mean he didn’t work as hard this year? Now, I’m not trying to be bias at the end of the day, based on who’s been the “hottest” this year, 2010 Drake > 2010 Kanye West. That is all. Agree or disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and, keep it real.

Edit: Drake should of been #1 or #2.

Drake was a staple on radio all year, whether it was “Bedrock” with Young Money, “Money to Blow” with Baby and Lil Wayne, “Forever” with Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, or any one of the songs from So Far Gone that stayed in rotation.

“He’s been on the radio all year,” RapFix editor Hillary Crosley said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “Like, I can’t get away from him. It’s impossible.”

“Different artists, they may have a hot regional presence or be hot on the East Coast or Down South around Atlanta or whatever,” added MTV News supervising producer Sean Lee, “but this dude — everywhere, man.”


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It seems to me like Drake was asking and answering the questions himself, lol. In this interview, Drake shows loves to Lloyd, states that he’ll be having a birthday party today (in Miami), corrects the interviewer, lists what he’s got coming up, sends out a message to the fans and more.


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Drake is a bonafide superstar. He’s got the Billboard charts on lock with hits from his debut album Thank Me Later, and scores features regularly from rap royalty including Eminem, Kanye, and Jay-Z. He even had twitter aflutter with news of marrying Young Money labelmate and current Complex cover girl, Nicki Minaj(—it ended up being a joke, but our point is he had the internet by its balls because of a single tweet).

Well this coming Sunday is Aubrey Drake Graham’s 24th birthday, so to celebrate in true ‘plex fashion, we’re critiquing the evolution of his style. He may have started as wheelchair Jimmy on the cult favorite, Degrassi: The Next Generation, but his quick rise to fame and wealth with So Far Gone helped him step up from K-Swiss to Air Jordans, sweatpants to bespoke suits. Eeenyway doe, we put Drizzy on our February/March issue this year because we foresee even greater success in his future. Let’s toast to his born day and take a look back…

Click here to begin Drake‘s style history.


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A quick 5 question Q&A with Drake via Freep. Drake speaks on his music, Memphis, seeing sounds, being an “outcast”, Aaliyah and more. Read it all below, enjoy.

Want to make Drake gush? Ask him about Aaliyah. The 23-year-old, Toronto-born emcee is 2010′s hip-hop wunderkind.

Sure, he’s a nice suburban Jewish kid who once costarred on the long-running Canadian teen soap opera, “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” But in hip-hop circles, he’s known as the truth, and his music is everywhere — nine of his songs have hit the Billboard Hot 100 since July of last year.

In advance of his performance at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday, we chatted with the entertainer about his music, his life and Detroit R&B singer Aaliyah, who died tragically in 2001. [Read more →]


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Drake has been nominated for 3 Soul Train Awards plus one track he was featured on. The Soul Train awards air November 28th on BET, check out his nominations below:

“Love The Way You Lie” – Eminem feat. Rihanna
“B.M.F. (Blowin Money Fast)” – Rick Ross feat. Styles P
“Your Love” – Nicki Minaj
“Find Your Love” – Drake
“Shutterbugg” – Big Boi feat. Cutty
“I Got Your Back” – T.I. feat. Keri Hilson

Alicia Keys – “The Element Of Freedom”
Usher – “Raymond vs. Raymond”
Sade – “Soldier of Love”
Drake – “Thank Me Later”
Erykah Badu – “New Amerykah Part Two-Return of the Ankh”

Fantasia – “Bittersweet” (Charles Harmon, Claude Kelly, Michael Mentore)
El Debarge – “Second Chance” (songwriters: El Debarge & Mischke)
Drake –“Find Your Love” (songwriters: Bhasker, J; Graham, A; Reynolds, P; West, Kanye)
R.Kelly – “When A Woman Loves” (songwriter R. Kelly)
Alicia Keys – “Un-Thinkable(I’m Ready)” (songwriters: Keys, Aubrey Graham, Brothers, Noah “40? Shebib)


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Drake stops by The Shrine nightclub in Chicago on thursday night for his official party spot after the concert. Check out the video below.


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Good friends are sometimes just a phone call away. Ask Drake and Jay-Z, who have both appeared as surprise guests at each other’s New York concerts in the past month.

In a recent interview with Vibe, not only does Drake open up about his relationship with the hip-hop heavyweight, but he also speaks about how difficult it was to exclude rap on his forthcoming R&B mixtape, It’s Never Enough. [Read more →]


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Rihanna feat. Drake – What’s My Name. I can get you through a mighty long day, soon as I go the text you gon right is gon say… :) Don’t forget to download the track here.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
Ooh na na, what’s my name
whats my name, whats my name

I heard you good with them soft lips
Yeah you know word of mouth
the square root of 69 is 8 something
cuz I’ve been tryna work it out, oooow
good weed, white wine
I come alive in the night time
okay, away we go
only thing we have on is the radio
ooooh, let it play, say you gotta leave
but I know you wanna stay
you just waiting on the track to finish girl
the things we could do in twenty minutes girl
say my name, say my name
wear it out, its getting hot, crack a window, air it out
I can get you through a mighty long day
soon as I go the text you gon right is gon say…

Not everybody knows how to work my body
[


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