Drake Expects To Record With Lil Wayne Soon

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Posted on November 10, 2010 • 0 Comments

The final night of Drake’s Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour was a memorable night for several reasons; the most obvious being that his newly freed Young Money mentor, Lil Wayne, surprised fans — and Drizzy — with an impromptu turn at the mic.

Weezy cameo aside, Drake also expressed his pride about the tour overall, especially how his team has honed its craft over the course of the three-month trek.

“I think about where we were four or five months ago, and what we were doing, and I’m just so proud of everybody around me,” Drizzy said in a sit-down with MTV News following the tour’s final stop in Las Vegas Saturday. “The band, adding … my back-up singer, she’s doing great, [she’s] from Toronto, you know I gotta shout her out. Everyone involved has just grown.”

Looking back on how the tour was staged, Drake added that he’s satisfied with the show he gave to fans across the country.

“When I look at pictures and I look at clips online, visually… it looks great, it looks like what I wanted it to look like,” he said. With the successful tour behind him, Drizzy maintained the he’s ready for a new challenge.

“For tonight to be the last night, I’m gonna retire that set and that vision and the name, Light Dreams and Nightmares, and I’m gonna go onto the next thing,” he said. The “Find Your Love” crooner added that he’s glad to have Weezy back in the mix as he embarks on his next endeavor.

“I can’t wait to grow even more, especially with Wayne being out,” he grinned. “It’s gonna be a great year.”

With Drizzy’s tour over and Wayne back on the scene, the Toronto MC said the next step for the Young Money hitmakers is hitting the lab to crank out another banger. For fans that need a timetable outlining when the next Weezy/Drizzy collabo might hit the streets, the MC added a studio date could be just around the corner.

“I would be super surprised if I didn’t get a phone call saying, ‘Let’s go to the studio,’ ” Drake said.

Source: MTV

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