Drake Says Jay-Z Came Through For Him With Concert Cameos

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Posted on October 20, 2010 • 1 Comment

Good friends are sometimes just a phone call away. Ask Drake and Jay-Z, who have both appeared as surprise guests at each other’s New York concerts in the past month.

In a recent interview with Vibe, not only does Drake open up about his relationship with the hip-hop heavyweight, but he also speaks about how difficult it was to exclude rap on his forthcoming R&B mixtape, It’s Never Enough.

While he said he had “a lot of fun” during his two-day stint at at Radio City Music Hall, Drizzy admitted he had some unusual pre-show jitters. “I was nervous, because there was a lot riding on it,” he told the mag. “I knew that all these different publications were there, and it was one of those shows that was going to be highly reviewed and highly criticized and highly scrutinized.”

Despite the media attention, the Young Money MC wanted to make his back-to-back sold-out shows even more special, so he called up Jay-Z. “It’s crazy to have that relationship [with Jay],” he said. “Not that I ever want to become dependent on special guests, because that shouldn’t be the allure of my show. The allure of the show should be putting on a great show.”

But Drake revealed that Mr. Carter’s concert cameos aren’t always confirmed ahead of time. “You never know if he’s going to come through, necessarily, but you’ll hear it through your ear phones: ‘Jay’s coming out in five minutes,’ ” the rapper said. “It’s always nice when you can hit Jay up. He held it down for me. I asked a favor of the big homie, and he came through.”

In addition to his close-knit relationship with Jigga, the rapper also addressed his forthcoming R&B mixtape, which he said was somewhat difficult to create. “Even on this mixtape, I had a really hard time just singing,” he recalled. “There’s a lot of rap on there. It’s hard for me to do a straight R&B mixtape. The beat will just have the right pocket, and even though you can fit singing, I wanted to rap. A lot of that stuff I’m really looking forward to doing on this upcoming album.”


  • gitoya


    drake you look as if your blind
    yah smiling in a black jacket
    and jay -z the real jay-z in your way a shake your hand
    others are taking pics of you

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