Lil Kim to Drake “You’re A P*ssy”

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Posted on June 13, 2010 • 4 Comments

Lil Kim has done it again this time ripping Drake in an exclusive interview with The Hardcore rapper used some harsh words for Toronto’s own Drizzy Drake saying:

I really liked Drake. I use to like him but for him to have the audacity to disrespect me. This n*gga gonna f*cking shout me out when Ray J is the one that said it. How b*tchy do you look right now. You look like a straight p*ssy, P*ssy! Cause you came at me and I am a f*cking female!

Wow! I can’t believe Lil Kim is going so hard at Young Money’s Drake and Nicki Minaj. Is she in need of that much attention that she feels the need to diss people? She’s on Roc Nation now and I can’t help but wonder if this move is approved by the bosses over there. Lil Kim is on an island all by her self because even Diddy is perplexed saying:

I want to say I love Lil Kim man and I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would have thought by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way but if she’s taking it the wrong way, it ain’t meant like that. Nicki has never did anything to her. She ain’t never not pay her homage. She ain’t swagger jack and say nothing negative about her. I think Kim needs to understand that Nicki as a whole, it’s always been respect. Nicki isn’t trying to be her.

  • Mal


    i swear lil’ kim needs to grow up and get the hate out of her heart maybe she just wants some attention if so she should really be getting an Oscar for this sh-t

  • Bailey


    Hummm…Well I have this to say. 1st. I love Drake been a fan since Degrassi season 1… but I really feel he shouldn’t have anything, cause it had nothing to do with him. I mean Nicki’s a big girl She can hold her on (besides it’s not like she has ever stood up for just saying). 2nd. As for little Kim I respected her and all this she’s doing is class-less. If she really won’t to show who’s the best put out and album. 3rd. All This Beefin stuff is WACK!

  • KeziaDrizzy



  • luVduHfaMz


    ok ! ok! damm, kim calm duH f*k down, sheesh . calm yer nipples , girl !!!!!!! i understand yer ma ( i dont know wha the fuck she wuz talkin ’bout cz i wuz to busy lookin at the picture they had on the screen . lol ) but dammm!!!!!! calm down ya wuz all screamin nd shit , all up in ma ear , screamin about thiz nd tha ( wha eva the fuck ya wuz talkin bout ) . just chill like a villin , aiight ?

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