Bieber Fever, Drake’s Winning Weekend, eTalk Lounge

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Drake Iterview as well as other behind the scenes Juno coverage.


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Before the 2010 Juno Awards, eTalk Daily did a special Drake vs. Justin Bieber showdown. eTalk debates the following: Who’s the Collaboration King? Who has the best #CanuckSwag? Who’s the paparazzi magnet? And, who owns the Twitterspace? Watch the video to find out who wins the battle.


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Drake says he and Justin are friends and he’d actually hoped Justin would win the Juno! The rapper wants to collaborate with J Bieber, but goes on to say that he believes Bieber is richer and more famous than him!


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Justin Bieber chatted with Complex about his upcoming collaboration with Drake How did Drake come about being in ‘Baby’ music video? Basically, he’s from Canada, and we met through mutual people and became homies. He wanted to show love, so he came out to the music video.

Did Drake hit on the young girls in the video? [Laughs.] Nah. Do you think you could pull more chicks than him? I mean, I’m pretty sure I can take him. But I don’t know, man, he gets girls. Could you two ever work together?

For sure. He’s a great artist and we’ve already talked about it; we haven’t done it yet, but it’s definitely in the works. There’s a website called Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, are you familiar with it? I haven’t seen it. I heard about it, but nah, I haven’t been on it yet.

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Check out Drake appearing at Justin Bieber videoshoot ‘Baby’. Drake appears at the 1:25.


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